John Griffiths | Managing Director

Co-founder and managing director, John believes apps should be simple, easy to use, and fun.  "Too many applications try to do too many things, or are not simple enough to use or understand.  We think an app should be simple to use, do one thing really well, and be fun.  If it isn't fun, then there's really no point in it at all."

John is passionate about the iOS ecosystem and believes that Augmented Reality (AR) will turn out to be all the things it's getting hyped up to be.  "We think it is really going to take off now that the technology has matured, and the likes of Apple and Google are really now starting to embrace it.  The tipping point was iOS 11, when Apple created ARKit, making it super easy for developers like us to make wonderful augmented reality apps."

John grew up in Wales before moving back to England.  He now lives with his wife Vina and son in a quintessentially English rural village.  Outside of work, John enjoys walking, cycling and travelling, playing the piano and family life being a dad.


Vina Griffiths | Creative Director

Co-founder and ideas / design guru, Vina provides ideas, strategic insight and creativity. "Don't just say it, do it" is Vina's motto.

On any project, just as important as what makes the cut is what gets the chop, and saying no is a key element of any design process. "If I don't like something, I speak my mind," Vina explains.

Mother of one, Vina spends most of her time supplying oodles of love and care to baby boy Joshua.